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It takes something special to acquire 100% trusted dealer status on eBay. Exceptional shipping standards, a committment to customer communication, unparallaled honesty and a great selection of quality goods are the key ingredients, although there is always room for improvement. We draw your attention to this accomplishment for one reason only. Trust. Cameratique.com is managed by none other than Jean-Louis Beek, an experienced collector with more than 10 years selling vintage cameras on eBay. We only sell goods of a high standard, and our committment to fast, secure and trackable shipping ensures peace of mind for both buyer and seller alike. With that being said, we welcome you to Cameratique.com, a worldwide leader in the buying and selling of collectable cameras. Owned and managed by one of the world's foremost authorities on antique cameras, Cameratique is a reputable business which boasts a truly amazing selection of vintage cameras and accessories. Lastly, if there is anything you can't find or happen to be seeking, you can always contact Jean-Louis if you need the services someone truly masterful in the sourcing of difficult to find, extremely rare cameras

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